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Advantages of Using A Boom Lift

Nov. 21, 2022

Boom lifts are the highest reaching elevated work platform. A type of aerial lift boom lifts allow operators to be raised and moved horizontal and vertically to complete works outdoors, industrial, maintenance and constructions projects.


This week’s blog describes the concept of a boom lift and looks at the advantages of using a boom lift on projects.

Boom Lift Design

A boom lift comprises a platform or bucket at the end of a hydraulically controlled extended arm that is attached to a grounded base. The arms hydraulic control allows it to extend both horizontally and vertically to carry people, materials and tools to extended heights.


The grounded base of boom lifts are fitted with wheels to provide maneuverability to allow operator to move the unit into the best position to reach the work height and location.

Electric Articulating Boom Lift

Electric Articulating Boom Lift 

Types of Boom Lifts

Unlike scissor lifts that only allow for up and down movements, boom lifts allow for forward reach and dependent on arm type more flexible movement at height.


There are two common types of boom lifts articulating and telescopic.


Telescopic boom lifts sometimes referred to as straight or stick boom lifts, feature a single hinged extendable arm that can stretch over distance.

Articulating boom lifts sometimes called knuckle booms from the knuckle like connectors that connect the multiple arms that provide the unit its reach ability.

Common Uses of Boom Lifts

Boom lifts are an ideal elevated work solution for a wide variety of projects and tasks including:


Erecting scaffolding and other construction jobs

Painting walls and ceilings

General building maintenance tasks particularly outdoors

Lighting works

Signage installation and hanging

 Diesel Telescopic Boom Lift

Diesel Telescopic Boom Lift

Advantages of Boom Lifts

Increased Flexibility and Manoeuvrability

Articulating boom lifts provide increased flexibility and manoeuvrability when completing work.


Their multiple arm design allows the operator platform and basket to be precisely moved to complete works in hard to reach or confined spaces.


Easy Size Adjustment

The joints on a boom lift allow the boom to be extended or retracted as necessary.


This adjustable size makes it easier to bring the boom lift into any work area regardless of size.


Single and Double Operator Buckets and Platforms

Depending on the job requirements boom lift buckets and work platforms can be rated to carry single or double operators to allow the work to be completed.


Multiple Fuel Types

Boom lifts are available with multiple fuel types including diesel, battery electric and even hybrid units. Diesel lifts are ideal for use outside on construction sites where the extra power from the diesel engine easily moves the unit across uneven ground.


Battery electric units are exhaust fume free and quote so can be used safely indoors. Hybrid units offer the ultimate flexible lift solution as their fuel source can be switched based on the work area allowing the same unit to operate in all

conditions indoors and outdoors.


Move Around Obstacles

The multiple hydraulic arms of articulating boom lifts allow the operator platform or bucket to move over, under or around obstacles.


This allows operators to access all areas regardless of obstacles. This week’s blog looks at the different types of boom lift elevated work platforms available and some of the advantages they can provide to businesses.


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