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Choose the Best Electric Scissor Lift for Your Needs

Apr. 01, 2022

In Australia, scissor lifts are used for a variety of applications. As with all overhead work platforms, they offer a range of benefits, you can move the platform and lift it to the height you need.

Some of the applications you may see scissor lifts in include: plumbing, electrical, welding, HVAC, drywall, industrial, aerospace, data centers, and stadiums. Just like the machines being used, the applications are similar, but not identical.

Most scissor lifts can be equipped with accessories that make them more versatile for a given application. Few manufacturers have machines specifically designed for one type of work. Accessories and application-specific packages should be evaluated as part of your purchase or rental. Some options or kits, such as panel brackets, pipe holders, machinist's vise, on-machine welders, and various other application-specific tools are very popular and make the job easier to complete while providing greater productivity.

Electric Scissor Lift HS0812E

Electric Scissor Lift HS0812E

Scissor Lifts 101

A scissor lift is a machine used to move people and equipment in a vertical direction. These lifts can handle any application that would normally require ladders, towers, or scaffolding. Scissor lifts allow operators to do the same job faster and safer without the time of setting up other equipment such as scaffolding or towers, and without the dangerous instability of ladders.

Sometimes you will hear of a scissor lift referred to by one of these names for its technical classification:

Mobile, elevated work platform (MEWP)

Aerial work platform (AWP)

Elevated work platform (EWP)

Elevators are usually made of steel and include a platform and a railing supported by crossbeams or pole struts. The struts are hinged together in such a way that the assembly looks like several sets of connected scissor blades, and as they operate, they perform a scissor-like opening and closing motion. X The model actually has a technical name, called a pantograph, and a hydraulic mechanism powers the scissor action that achieves the lift force.

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Scissor lifts typically extend 10 to 60 feet vertically, depending on the model, and tend to work between 20 and 40 feet, although some models move higher. Some scissor lifts can even move back and forth with the lift partially extended, but this should only be done very carefully. Always check the lift's owner's manual to check the safety precautions when the lift is extended.


Other types of aerial lifts, such as articulating or telescopic boom, reach higher heights than standard scissor lifts, but scissor lifts are able to carry more weight and provide a functional work platform. Scissor lifts also have an advantage over other options in that they have a relatively small storage size when folded, ranging from about 5 to 9 feet in height and from 2 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 9 inches in width.

Electric Scissor Lift

Electric Scissor Lift    

Some lifts are mounted on four wheels or legs, while other models have legs that go in or onto the surrounding ground for added stability. Some scissor lifts run on electricity and/or batteries, while others use gasoline, diesel, or other types of fuel.

Some machines can operate indoors, such as those used for building maintenance or storage, while rough terrain scissor lifts (RTS) can withstand outdoor conditions and challenging paths. Some have non-marking tires, others do not. With many options in the same class of MEWP, the first step in buying or renting a scissor lift is to consider what kind of work it will do in what environment.

Many scissor lift models produce no emissions and operate at low noise levels.

If you want to get more information about the different types of lifts, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.