Diesel Articulating Boom Lift

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Diesel Articulating Boom Lift

Diesel Articulating Boom Aerial Platform is equipped with a stretched canal arm, allowing operators to easily enter the hindered or unable to touch the workplace. Its rugged tires can reach the venue outside the tablet, which is an excellent choice for industrial applications.

Our hinge-type moving arm can reach 20 meters in height, which can take you to any place for maintenance, installation or trimming. Because of the design and long distance of geometry, diesel articulating boom lifts can bypass difficult obstacles. Provide excellent rugged terrain capabilities that can work on the most rugged terrain.

Diesel Articulating Boom Features

Wide range box compound action.

High-point load saing system to avoid mis-halt.

Four -Wheel Drive, Floating Axle Design, Better OFF -Road Performance.

Integrated Rotary Reducer Makes Smoolh Turning and Adapt to Dust Environment.

As an experienced diesel articulating boom supplier, Hered povides high quality diesel articulating boom lift for sale, welcome to select the right articulating boom lift for your specific applications and contact us for any special requirements!

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