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Telescopic Boom Lift

Telescopic Boom Lift for Sale - Reliability, Safe and Adaptable MEWP

Telescopic boom lift also known as cherry picking machine, or high-altitude straight boom lift. It is an aerial work platform. While telescopic boom lifts offer the greatest horizontal reach of any mobile aerial work platform, they do not offer the same versatility of movement as articulating boom lifts. The extensible boom platform is suitable for applications that need long-level stretching, high platform height, and strong improvement capabilities.

Advantages: The operation results are simpler, easy to operate, stable, safe, and reliable. Telescopic aerial platform has a significant advantage in terms of height and is a common equipment for ultra-high-altitude operations.

Features: Telescopic platform lift uses a sleeve-type drag chain structure to achieve the extension of the arm for high-altitude operations. The working height can reach an astonishing 58 meters, and the platform's rated load capacity can reach 227 kilograms. The platform can rotate 360 degrees, and it can be operated from both the platform and the ground. The arm can be in any position, and the operating platform can move safely. The walking speed decreases as the lifting height increases. Telescopic boom lift has many advantages such as high load capacity, strong power, easy maintenance, high chassis, low failure rate, high energy efficiency, stable control, greater flexibility, and easy transportation.

Telescopic boom lift applications

Mobile Telescopic manlifts are commonly used in window cleaning, construction, forestry, mining, electrical and cable repairs and painting. The two basic types of boom lifts are straight boom lifts and articulated boom lifts. Some cantilever lifts have platform capacities of 1,000 lbs (45 kg) and less and can reach heights of 100 feet.

Straight boom lifts vary in height and load capacity and vary for outdoor and indoor use. They are also available in 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive, powered by petrol, diesel, electric and dual energy. Literally, there are multiple boom lift models and sizes here.

Before choosing the perfect boom lift for sale, consider the size and physical requirements of your application. Determine the type of terrain you will be working with, the precision you will need for the job, the size of the load you will be handling, and the reach you will need for your job. Telescopic boom lift price is different as to the size, application and your specific requirements. If you are looking for high quality telescopic boom lift for sale, welcome to contact us for detailed information!


What is the difference between the telescopic arm lift and hinge arm lift?

The extension range of the articulated boom lift is smaller than the telescopic arm, which is more suitable for moving in certain obstacles. The diesel telescopic boom lifts have a larger vertical range and horizontal range, and they are usually used in high -rise buildings.

How to choose the right telescopic manlift?

  • Consider work space.

  • View safety components.

  • Evaluation platform size.

  • Calculate the height and range of the telescopic arm.

  • Determine bearing capacity. Make sure your choice of straight boom manlift can provide sufficient weight.

Can the straight boom lifts be used on a bumpy ground?

Like the scissor lift, it is not recommended to use a moving arm lift on the slope. The center of gravity of telescopic manlift is higher than many other machines, increasing the risk of turning over. However, as long as it does not exceed the maximum slope of the cantilever lift, you can work on the slope.

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