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Scissor lift with platform heights ranging from 4 to 14 meters, with power options adaptable to different requirements (such as three-phase AC power, single-phase AC power, DC power, and internal combustion power). Suitable for indoor flat surfaces and high-altitude working environments with stringent environmental requirements.

Scissor lift features

1. The lifting mechanism is constructed using high-strength manganese steel rectangular tubes, ensuring enhanced stability upon elevation.

2. The spacious work platform and high load-bearing capacity of indoor scissor lift extend the range of high-altitude operations, accommodating multiple workers simultaneously.

3. Equipped with safety devices to prevent platform overload, safety valves to prevent hydraulic pipeline rupture, and an emergency descent mechanism in case of power failure.

4. The mobile scissor lift includes an extension platform that can be stretched to the required position when the platform length is insufficient, thereby enhancing work efficiency.

Advantages: Widely applicable aerial equipment for high-altitude operations, providing stability, safety, and a broad operational scope.

Applicable Scenarios: Suitable for mobile high-altitude operations involving the installation and maintenance of high-altitude equipment across various industries.

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Scissor lift platform provides durable high-altitude operating platforms for warehouses and building applications. Shear high-altitude operation platform performance is lasting, which is very suitable for indoor maintenance or outdoor construction tasks. Electric scissors lifts have a longer running time and promote a quieter working environment. The engine scissor lift can cross rugged terrain, and the platform can raise a large number of tools and personnel to a high place.

Electric scissor lifts are especially suitable for narrow work areas. Their low engine noise levels and versatility make them ideal for delicate environments in indoor workspaces. Some of the more compact models clear door sills and maneuver through narrow aisles, making them useful for endless tasks. These features also make the scissor lift easy to store in tight areas, and the operator can also store it in a trailer or even a truck.

Scissor lifts are available with tables of various sizes and have a load capacity of over 2000 lbs. In addition, the table can be equipped with folding guardrails and detachable railings. And some models are equipped with a platform tilt feature that makes loading and unloading equipment and materials especially easy.

Most aerial scissor lift has 2 and 4  wheel drive capabilities. They are equipped with rollers or stops and are operated by hydraulic pumps. Additionally, many models have a zero inner turning radius for excellent maneuverability in tight work areas.

Scissor lift price depends on the machine's lift height, load capacity, and additional functional features, such as built-in chargers for electric motor or push-button controls.

Before purchasing a scissor lift, carefully weigh the scope of your project. But rest assured, scissor lifts are available in a variety of sizes, making them ideal for numerous construction and industrial tasks. Not surprisingly, they are a popular and essential part of the industry.

 As a leading scissor lifts supplier, we provide many different types of scissor lifts, For example: Hydraulic Scissor Lift, indoor scissor lift, Electric Scissor LiftRough Terrain Scissor Lift, but there is no doubt that you can find a variety of scissor lifts that suit your needs on Hered. If you are looking for high performance aerial lifts for sale with factory supply price, welcome to contact us!

Hered offers and sells various scissor lifts with a load capacity up to 450kg and a working height up to 16m. 

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