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Crawler Scissor Lift

Crawler scissor lifts are lightweight and have rubber tracks for smooth, fast and safe passage through difficult road conditions. They run on standard AC power, have zero emissions and are environmentally friendly. Thanks to the tracked wheel frame, these lifts can climb slopes with ease, and their narrow chassis allows passage through gates, courtyards, standard doorways and public buildings. This makes the compact crawler boom lift ideal for a variety of jobs both indoors and outdoors.

Crawler scissor lift advantage

1. Large capacity batteries, strong endurance.

2. Compact structure, light weight, accessible through elevators.

3. Motor and crawler drive, low noise, stronger passing ability.

4. Direction of rotation in situ, suitable for small space work.

5. When the compact manlift platform is raised, it can walk slowly, greatly improving work efficiency

6. The crawler-type hydraulic lifting platform adopts a weighted chassis, and does not need support legs when working.

7. Tracked boom lift has strong adaptability to the environment and can be used on site without power supply and complex road conditions.

Buy crawler scissor lift

As a leading crawler scissor lift supplier, Hered provides a variety of different crawler lifts for sale including (HC1216E, HC0507E). By using our unique class structure and extensive filtering function, you can quickly find the crawler lifts you need.

The crawler scissor lift has long-lasting performance and can improve work efficiency. This type of aerial work platform lift is very suitable for indoor maintenance or outdoor construction tasks. The electric crawler scissor lift has a longer running time and can provide a quieter working environment.

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Working principle of boom lift with tracks

The function of the track is to transmit the driving or braking torque through the driving wheel engaged with it, and to generate the traction or braking force through the interaction with the ground.

The total mass of the load-bearing wheel is tightly pressed on the lower track, which increases the contact area between the lower track and the ground, and the pattern on the track increases its adhesion.

Crawler scissor lifts with outriggers will add self-leveling features to make the platform more stable and suitable for harsher environments.

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