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In the entertainment industry, HERED provides various types of entertainment lifts, including scissor lifts and boom lifts suitable for the entertainment industry.

In the entertainment industry, aerial work platforms (AWPs) are crucial for various aspects of production, from setting up stages to managing lighting and sound systems. The specific types of AWPs used depend on the nature of the task, the venue, and the required reach and maneuverability:

Aerial Work Platforms For Entertainment

Stage Construction and Set Design: Telescopic boom lifts are often used in stage construction and set design, especially for large outdoor events or concerts. Their long reach is ideal for setting up high elements of a stage or for constructing large set pieces.

Lighting and Sound Rigging: Articulating boom lifts are preferred for rigging lighting and sound systems. Their ability to bend and maneuver around obstacles allows technicians to precisely position lights and speakers, especially in complex stage setups or indoor venues with limited space.

Backstage and Warehouse Work: Scissor lifts are commonly used backstage or in warehouses for setting up and storing equipment at height. They provide a stable platform for workers, which is essential when handling delicate or heavy equipment.

Film and Television Production: In film and TV production, various types of AWPs, including both boom lifts and scissor lifts, are used for tasks like adjusting lighting, setting up cameras at elevated angles, and creating dynamic shots.

Theater Productions: In theaters, personal portable lifts are often used due to their compact size. They are ideal for smaller spaces and can be easily moved around the theater for various tasks, including lighting adjustments and scenery changes.

Outdoor Events and Festivals: For large outdoor events and music festivals, larger AWPs, such as telescopic and articulating boom lifts, are used for tasks like setting up large trusses for lights and sound, hanging banners, and constructing stages.

Special Effects and Rigging: In productions that involve special effects, AWPs are used to position equipment and personnel at heights safely. This is crucial for scenes that require rigging of equipment or actors for aerial effects.

In each of these scenarios, the choice of AWP is influenced by factors like the height and reach required, the terrain of the venue (indoor or outdoor), the weight capacity needed for equipment, and the ability to maneuver in tight spaces. The entertainment industry often employs a range of AWPs to meet these diverse requirements safely and efficiently.

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