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Streetlight Maintenance or Repair

Application Description

In the streetlight maintenance or repair industry, HERED provides various types of streetlight maintenance or repair lifts, including scissor lifts and boom lifts suitable for the streetlight maintenance or repair industry.

For streetlight maintenance or repair, the types of aerial work platforms (AWPs) used generally depend on the height of the lights, the location, and the nature of the maintenance required. Here are the common types of AWPs used in this scenario:

Aerial Work Platforms For Streetlight Repair

Bucket Trucks: Also known as cherry pickers, these vehicles are most commonly used for streetlight maintenance. They have an insulated bucket at the end of an articulated boom, which provides the necessary reach and maneuverability. The insulation is crucial for electrical work to protect the worker from potential shocks.

Telescopic Boom Lifts: These are used for higher reach when streetlights are very tall. Their straight booms can extend vertically to significant heights. They are less maneuverable than articulating boom lifts but provide a stable platform for the worker.

Articulating Boom Lifts: If the streetlight is positioned over an obstacle, such as when lights are located above medians or in areas where bucket trucks cannot go, an articulating boom lift can be used. The bendable boom allows the platform to extend over and around the obstacle.

Vertical Mast Lifts: In areas with limited space and lower streetlights, a vertical mast lift can be used. These AWPs offer vertical elevation in a compact footprint, making them suitable for tight urban spaces.

Push-around Lifts or Manual Lifts: For minor repairs or in pedestrian areas where the use of larger vehicles might be impractical, push-around lifts that are manually moved and elevated can be used.

Each AWP is selected based on the ease of setup, the required height reach, the need to maneuver around obstacles, and the portability needed for the job. Safety features, especially insulation against electrical hazards, are critically important for these types of maintenance tasks.

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