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Electric Scissor Lift

Electric Scissor Lift is becoming popular. Powered by electric batteries rather than a combustion engine electric scissor lifts are more environmentally friendly, imitating scissors moving up and down. Designed for level surfaces. Scissor lifts are important in the construction industry and provide an economical alternative to portable aerial work platforms and boom lifts. You can choose a narrow scissor lift for indoor work, or a rough terrain scissor lift for durability on rough terrain.

Hered Electric scissor lifts increase your productivity by reducing charging times and increasing uptime. These machines are engineered to reduce scheduled service, provide a quieter work area, reduce reliance on hydraulic oil and produce zero emissions. In addition, innovative operator controls and compact dimensions make the electric hydraulic scissor lift series extremely mobile.

Critical Components

1. Work Platform

This is the main area where personnel stand or place materials. It's designed to be stable and secure, often equipped with guardrails to ensure safety. 

Components include:

  • Guardrail Locking Pin: Secures the foldable guardrails.

  • Safety Belt Lanyard: Fixes the safety belt in place.

  • Platform Rotating Door: Automatically rotates and closes after entering the platform, enhancing the safety factor.

  • Main Platform: Reinforced with added strengthening ribs at the bottom for increased sturdiness and a higher safety factor.

  • Foldable Guardrails: Reduce the overall height of the vehicle, improving its passability.

  • Document Box: Used for storing the product manual.

  • PCU: Upper control operating unit.

  • Extension Platform Foot Lock: Controls the extension distance of the extension platform.

  • Extension Platform: Increases the working area.

2. Electric Motor

Powers the lift mechanism. Unlike hydraulic lifts, electric scissor lifts use an electric motor, making them suitable for indoor use due to their lack of emissions.

3. Batteries

These are the power source for the electric motor. They are rechargeable and designed to provide sufficient power for the aerial lift's operation over an extended period.

4. Lift Mechanism

Consists of a series of interlocking metal supports (scissor-like in appearance) that extend and compress to raise or lower the work platform.

Components include: Inner Fork, Pivot Pin, Upper Lifting Cylinder, Outer Fork, Lower Lifting Cylinder, Safety Support Arm, Angle Sensor, Pressure Sensor

5. Control Panel

Located on the work platform, it allows the operator to control the ascent, descent, and, in some models, horizontal movement or platform extension.

1) Lower Control Unit: ECU

A. Controls the lifting and lowering of the vehicle.

B. Displays fault alarm codes.

C. Allows for parameter setting, adjustment, and viewing.

2) Upper Control Unit: PCU

A. Controls the lifting, lowering, moving, and steering of the vehicle.

B. Displays fault alarm codes.

C. Features an emergency stop on the upper control.

6. Safety Features

May include emergency stop buttons, anti-pinch systems, tilt sensors, and braking systems to ensure the safety of the operator and the stability of the lift.

7. Wheels or Casters

Provide mobility to the lift. In small electric scissor lifts, these are often designed for smooth surfaces, making them ideal for indoor use. HERED is equipped with non-marking tires.

8. Charging System

For recharging the batteries. This system is crucial for maintaining the lift's operational readiness and typically includes a standard electrical plug that can be connected to a regular power outlet.

9. Load Capacity Indicator

Indicates the maximum safe weight that can be carried on the work platform.

10. Stabilizers or Outriggers

Some models include these for additional stability when the lift is extended to higher elevations.

11. Extendable Platform

Some electric scissor lifts for sale have a section of the platform that can be extended to provide additional working space or reach.

12. Maintenance and Service Access

HERED offers global after-sales tracking services.

Electric Scissor Lift Features

1. Electric scissor lift is especially suitable for narrow work area. Their low engine noise and versatility make them ideal for indoor work.

2. The more compact scissor lift is easy to store in tight areas, and the operator can also store it in a trailer or even a truck.

3. The scissor lift is equipped with various sizes of platforms with a load capacity of over 2000 lbs. In addition, the platform can be equipped with folding guardrails and removable railings. Some models are equipped with a platform tilt feature that makes loading and unloading equipment and materials especially easy.

4. Small electric platform lift has 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive capability. They are equipped with rollers or stops and are operated by hydraulic pumps. Additionally, many models have a zero inner turning radius for excellent maneuverability in tight work areas.

Electric scissor lift platform generally has greater lift capacity than portable aerial work platforms and are often used to lift heavy-duty tools, materials and workers directly overhead. They are ideal for handling and lifting construction materials such as cement, steel blocks and pipes.The electric platform lift is ideally suited for indoor operation due to a lack of exhaust emissions or loud noises when operating. Electric scissor lifts are generally smaller, less bulky and have small narrower platforms than their diesel powered counterparts.

As a popular scissor lift manufacturer, Hered produces electric scissor lifts which are environmentally friendly, efficient, extremely quiet and easy to maintain. The electric scissor lift with a liftable rail platform is specially designed for lifting personnel at different heights for routine maintenance, lamp replacement, address repair or retrofitting of signs. They provide easy access to elevated shelves in warehouses and storage rooms. Electric scissor lifts can also be used in a variety of outdoor settings, such as cleaning gutters, trimming trees, washing windows, and performing a variety of construction-related tasks. For the high performance electric scissor lift for sale, welcome to contact us!

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