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HERED Excels at INTERMAT Paris Exhibition

04. 28, 2024

In April 2024, HERED participated as an exhibitor in the INTERMAT exhibition held in Paris, France, successfully concluding the exhibition period. INTERMAT is a leading international exhibition for the construction and infrastructure industries, bringing together industry-leading enterprises and professional visitors from around the world. During the exhibition, HERED's energy-efficient design, efficient performance, and versatile application scenarios attracted widespread interest from visitors, with many customers expressing recognition and trust in HERED products.

HERED primarily showcased 10 efficient and reliable solutions designed to meet various usage demands in different scenarios: electric scissor lifts and hydraulic drive systems.

Electric Drive Platforms: Renowned for their quiet operation, environmental friendliness, and precise control, our electric drive platforms are suitable for noise-sensitive environments and operations that require precise height control. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, our electric platforms provide safe and efficient aerial work solutions for your exhibition needs.

Hydraulic Drive Platforms: Widely welcomed for their powerful force output and adaptability to various environmental conditions, our hydraulic drive platforms are suitable for exhibition sites that require the handling of heavy workloads and adaptability to diverse climates. Our hydraulic platforms provide stable and reliable aerial work support, ensuring the smooth running of your exhibitions.

Through in-depth communication with professionals from around the world, we not only showcased HERED's technical strength and product advantages but also deepened cooperation with existing customers and potential partners. The cooperation agreements and business negotiations reached during the exhibition further solidified our position in the global market and laid a solid foundation for future development.

We sincerely appreciate your attention and support for HERED. We look forward to achieving even greater accomplishments together in the future! Leveraging our professional R&D, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service teams, HERED is committed to providing customized elevator solutions for customers and continuously driving industry innovation and development to meet the growing needs of customers, contributing our strength to the development of the construction and infrastructure industries.