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How to Operate Telescopic Boom Lift?

12. 21, 2022

As a type of aerial lift, boom lifts allow horizontal and vertical extension. They are useful for outdoor work, industrial tasks and construction projects. A boom aerial work platform has a higher reach than a scissor aerial work platform, but usually has a smaller working platform.

What does a boom lift do?

Boom lifts make it easier than ever to reach difficult places and heights. Offering a safer working space at height than a standard ladder or manlift, it provides a safe way to get the job done at any height.

Common uses for boom lifts

Whenever a project requires work at height, contractors choose a boom lift. Greater stability, easier mobility and higher capacity provide greater safety for those working at height and help make projects safer and more efficient.

A boom lift can be a useful tool when working on projects in the air. These projects include, but are not limited to

Erection of scaffolding

Picking fruit from farms

Painting walls and ceilings

Lighting projects

Hanging signs

Diesel Telescopic Boom Lift HT26J

 Diesel Telescopic Boom Lift HT26J    

What questions should you ask before hiring a boom lift?

Asking a variety of questions can help you find the best lift for the job. A few examples of questions to ask and things to consider are

What type of movement do you need?

How high do you need to climb?

How many people and how much material do you need to move?

What are the site conditions?

What kind of power capacity do you have on site?

What are the space constraints on the job site and work area?

The answers to these questions will point to the height of the platform, the type of boom and whether it should be tracked or wheeled two- or four-wheel drive. This helps the contractor determine if a boom or scissor lift is a better rental option.

Electric Articulating Boom Lift HA14JE

 Electric Articulating Boom Lift HA14JE    

How to use a boom lift?

If you are planning to use one of the new boom lifts we sell or our boom lift rental options on your next job, make sure you know how to operate a boom lift safely.

Here are basic safety tips on how to operate a boom lift.

1. Keep a clear area in and around the base of the aerial work platform to prevent any tools or falling objects from falling on the crew and personnel. The perimeter of a boom lift is usually large and should be separated by rope or secured with warning tape to keep the area clear and unobstructed.

2. Employ trained personnel who are trained to operate the type of boom lift used. It is important that the lift operator has current certification and knows how to operate the boom lift properly and they should demonstrate this knowledge before starting any work.

3. Do not exceed the weight capacity of the boom aerial work platform. All boom aerial work platforms have a certain maximum load rating. Exceeding the maximum load rating of a boom aerial work platform can cause the equipment to become top heavy and cause it to tip over. A boom lift should never be used to lift heavy loads.

4. Avoid bad weather and windy days when operating a boom aerial working platform. High winds are a serious safety concern when operating a boom lift. Every boom lift has weight and weather restrictions. Part of how to operate a boom lift safely involves following the wind restrictions in the user manual.

5. Operate on a firm base and ensure that the boom lift is stable before raising the boom. Park the vehicle on a stable, level surface to ensure the safety of the operator and those around it.

6. Lower and retract the boom before the lift. This is our ultimate safety tip for the safe use of the boom lift; make sure the boom is retracted and down before the lift.

Should you have any questions on the safe operation of your boom lift, contact Hered for all the answers. With over years of experience in aerial lift rentals, we’re here to provide you with guidance on how to use your aerial lift safely and which model is best for your needs.