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Types of Boom Lifts

08. 17, 2022

Construction lifts are powerful tools. Including boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts, and other types of man lifts and aerial lifts, construction lifts are lifting machines that have an aerial platform supported by some form of extension and mounted on a vehicle. They can help with everything from moving materials early in a project to lifting workers into hard-to-reach areas to producing fine decorative details.


With many different types of boom lifts and construction hoists to choose from, it is important to understand the functions and features of each option. As you manage the various demands of a construction site, you must choose the right machine for each task. Consider one of these versatile boom lifts for your next aerial project.

Electric Articulating Boom Lift

Electric Articulating Boom Lift     

Articulating boom lifts

Articulating boom lifts are also known as knuckle lifts due to the unique shape of the arm. The base of the arm is mounted on a turntable so that it can be rotated in a complete circle. The arm itself has multiple joints and can be bent. The flexible design allows it to bypass obstacles and lift workers, allowing them to reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.


Common uses for articulating boom lifts include electrical and plumbing repairs or external cleaning and maintenance projects. Atrium lifts or spider lifts are other types of articulating boom lifts. These aerial lifts are very narrow and lightweight and are mounted on four 'legs' to provide maximum height in tight indoor areas.


Hered articulating boom lifts provide the ability to lift up, over, and out with precise positioning for ultimate versatility in hard-to-access work areas. An articulating boom lift is best used for complex structures or in tight and crowded spaces.

Hered HA14JE adopts a center layout and has great structural rigidity.  Excellent energy management system gives longer running time and improved battery life. Features accurate and efficient AC drive system to provide strong power and smooth control.

Diesel Telescopic Boom Lift

 Diesel Telescopic Boom Lift     

Telescopic boom lifts

Telescopic boom lifts feature a retractable boom that can reach different heights. Unlike articulated cantilever lifts, telescopic booms have a straight arm that is attached to a free rotating turntable. The bucket on this type of lift is usually small and can only accommodate one person at a time. Telescopic boom lifts are best suited to highly specialized work, such as electrical repairs or tree trimming, where one worker can do the job. Telescopic boom lifts have a longer range of action than other options. They are available with electric operation and solid tires for indoor use or gas operation as well as pneumatic tires for outdoor use.


When choosing a lift, the lifting height of the boom must be considered. Great for use on outdoor construction, our range of Telescopic Boom Lifts features different models with varying capacities. Our Telescopic Boom Lifts go all the way up to a maximum vertical reach of 28m and a horizontal reach of 24m. If you need to reach a little bit higher, check out our range of Articulating Boom Lifts.