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What Are The Benefits of A Scissor Lift?

09. 15, 2022

Scissor lifts are hydraulically powered lifting platforms that can lift heavy objects or workers. They get their name from the scissor design of the lift stand, which unfolds when the lift is raised and folds up when it is lowered. This telescoping and stable design allows the lift platform to be raised directly above the base. Positioning heavy loads on the base in this manner provides platform stability unmatched by other aerial work platforms.

Why choose a scissor lift over other aerial work platforms?

Scissor lifts offer many advantages over traditional ladders. Scissor lifts have a relatively large work platform that provides enough space to safely lift and lower workers and their tools and equipment. In addition, the work platform is freestanding and provides horizontal space for working surrounded by guardrails to ensure fall safety. The mobility of the lift's base allows for easy maneuvering. In contrast, ladders are a bulky safety hazard and do not provide adequate safety for workers when working in hard-to-reach spaces.

Electric Scissor Lift

 Electric Scissor Lift

A Scissor Lift is a popular model of aerial platform lift which is used for interior work like ceiling construction, sign hanging, and other maintenance projects.

There are many different types of scissor lifts, For example, Hydraulic Scissor Lift, Electric Scissor Lift, Rough Terrain Scissor Lift, but there is no doubt that you can find a variety of scissor lifts that suit your needs on Hered.


Hered offers and sells various scissor lifts with a load capacity of up to 450kg and a working height of up to 16m. 

Scissor lifts combine the functionality of a ladder with the safety of the operator, allowing employees to work at greater heights. Here are the top 5 reasons to choose a scissor lift on a ladder.

What are the benefits of a scissor lift?

Operator Safety

Scissor lifts are safer than ladders because they are equipped with safety devices that protect operators from workplace accidents, falls, injuries and fatalities. The entire scissor lift work platform is protected by a railing with gated areas for the operator to mount and dismount the lift. Operators must wear safety harnesses above 2.4 meters. These harnesses can be easily clipped to the scissor lift railing to prevent falls.

Electric Scissor Lift

Hydraulic Scissor Lift          

Lifting height and capacity

Custom Scissor lifts are available in different lift heights and capacities. Most scissor lift platforms can easily accommodate 2 to 4 people and lift heights between 2 and 18 meters. Operators also have the option to pause the lift at different heights to work seamlessly.


Platform Size

Scissor lifts offer advantages over ladders with ample platform space. The larger platform area means that more than one worker and equipment can be easily accommodated. Workers can also save time by covering a wide wall or ceiling section without having to reposition the scissor lift; something a ladder cannot provide.


Storage, adaptability, and operation

Compact Scissor lifts can be easily stored in small job site areas. Companies can also save a lot of time and physical labor, proportional to the increase in production. A must-have tool for the manufacturing and storage industries, scissor lifts add flexibility through adaptability to different terrains.


Electric Options

Electric scissor lifts do not emit fumes and are ideal for indoor use. Scissor lifts with narrow work platforms are an additional option for tight indoor spaces. Electric lifts are much quieter than engine-driven scissor lifts, and most indoor lifts are equipped with non-marking tires to avoid damage to floors.