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What Type of Aerial Lift Is Right for the Job?

05. 14, 2021

Renting a boom or aerial lift equipment can make your job significantly easier. Whether you need an elevated work platform or the ability to reach a tall workspace, there’s an aerial lift that’s designed for the job. But getting the right aerial lift for your needs can be tricky.

What is the job site like? How high will you need to reach? How much weight does the aerial lift need to carry? All of these questions can affect your choice of a lift. If you need an elevated workspace that can hold multiple people, a scissor lift is the best choice. And if you need a boom for horizontal jobs, an articulated boom is the lift you’re looking for.

If you’re familiar with aerial lift rentals, finding the right aerial lift for rent is usually easy. But if this is your first time renting an aerial lift, or if you just rent them periodically, you may need help finding the best aerial lift equipment for your project. 

Diesel Telescopic Boom Lift

Diesel Telescopic Boom Lift 

Already know which type of lift you need? Click open the style below to view available options:

Electric Scissor Lifts

Electric Boom Lifts

Towable Boom Lifts

Atrium Lifts

Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

Straight Telescopic Boom Lifts

Articulated Knuckle Boom Lifts

Personnel Lifts

What Is A Boom Lift?

Boom lifts are the most versatile out of all other industrial lifts. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, these “cherry pickers” or “man lifts,” are ideal for serious overhead work. Like all industrial lifts, boom lifts come in a variety of sizes depending on what you need to reach and where you’ll be working.

The most distinctive feature of the lift is its extending arm, which ends in a basket. The arm, or “boom,” generally extends from 30 to 180 feet depending on the size of your lift, and can swing in wide arcs or a full 360 degrees. Most boom lifts swivel on their bases, and many offer swiveling baskets for greater accessibility to project space. The operator in the basket controls every motion of the lift.

Boom lifts are designed to lift people, not material. If you need to raise a pallet of shingles or HVAC ducting to the third story, you’ll need a telehandler. But if you need to move workers into a position to accomplish their tasks, nothing beats a boom lift.

The greatest benefit of this style of industrial lift is its lateral motion. Scissor lifts have limited mobility and are safest to use indoors. Telehandlers are not designed to lift workers and must be operated from the ground. Boom lifts, however, can be positioned by the operator in the basket to reach up, down, left, right, back or forth and everywhere between.

Advantages of Diesel Telescopic Boom Lift 

Large size platform, quick action response.

Fault self-diagnosis system.

Smooth telescopic boom control technology.

Floating design, high passability and off-road capability.