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Building Repair

Application Description

In the building repair industry, HERED provides various types of building repair lifts, including scissor lifts and boom lifts suitable for the building repair industry. Different types of AWPs are used based on the specific requirements of the repair work, the height of the building, and the accessibility of the repair site. Here are some common scenarios and the AWPs typically used:

Aerial Work Platforms For Building Repair

Facade and Exterior Repairs: Articulating boom lifts are commonly used for facade and exterior repairs, especially in urban environments where buildings are close together or when there are obstacles like trees or other structures. Their ability to bend and maneuver around obstacles allows workers to reach different parts of a building's exterior.

Window Repair and Cleaning: Telescopic boom lifts are ideal for window repairs and cleaning, particularly on high-rise buildings. They offer a straight, high reach, enabling workers to access upper levels of tall buildings directly.

Roof Repairs and Inspections: For roof repairs, smaller scissor lifts are often used for lower buildings, while larger telescopic or articulating boom lifts are needed for higher structures. These lifts provide a stable platform for workers to carry out repairs, such as fixing leaks, replacing tiles, or inspecting roof conditions.

Gutter and Eaves Work: Compact boom lifts and vertical mast lifts are suitable for gutter cleaning and repairs. Their smaller size and maneuverability make them ideal for residential areas or tighter spaces.

Painting and Coating Applications: For painting the exterior of buildings or applying protective coatings, articulating boom lifts are often used. They allow painters to reach various angles and surfaces with ease.

Restoration Work: In restoration projects, particularly on historic buildings, portable personnel lifts or push-around vertical mast lifts are used. They are less intrusive and can be easily positioned in sensitive areas without causing damage to the surroundings.

Structural Repairs: For more extensive structural repairs, such as fixing or replacing parts of the building's framework, larger telescopic boom lifts or truck-mounted boom lifts may be required. These provide the necessary height and lifting capacity for heavier tasks.

Each AWP is selected for its ability to provide safe access to the required heights, its stability and lifting capacity, and its suitability for the specific conditions of the building repair site, such as space constraints and ground conditions. Safety features, such as fall protection and emergency descent mechanisms, are crucial in these scenarios.

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