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In the construction industry, HERED provides various types of construction  lifts, including scissor lifts and boom lifts suitable for the construction industry.

In the construction industry, aerial work platforms (AWPs) are utilized in a variety of scenarios, each requiring specific types of equipment based on the task and environment:

Construction Aerial Work Platforms

High-Rise Construction: For constructing or maintaining tall buildings, telescopic boom lifts are often used. These lifts have a straight arm that can extend vertically to significant heights, providing access to high work areas.

Facade or Exterior Work: Articulating boom lifts are preferred for tasks involving building facades or exteriors where obstacles must be navigated. These lifts have arms that can bend and maneuver around barriers, offering flexible reach.

Rough Terrain: Rough terrain scissor lifts are designed for outdoor construction sites with uneven ground. They have rugged tires and four-wheel drive, providing stability and mobility on rough surfaces.

Indoor Construction: For indoor work, such as in warehouses or large indoor spaces, electric scissor lifts are commonly used. They are quieter, have zero emissions, and can be maneuvered in tighter spaces compared to larger outdoor models.

Material Handling and Transportation: Some AWPs, like certain scissor lifts, can also be equipped with platforms that facilitate the transportation of materials to different heights, aiding in tasks like drywall installation or window fitting.

Narrow Access Areas: For sites with very limited space, vertical mast lifts, which have a smaller footprint, are ideal. They provide vertical lift capabilities without the need for extensive horizontal space.

Multi-level Sites: For projects spanning multiple levels, like multi-story buildings or scaffoldings, trailer-mounted boom lifts can be a flexible option. They are easily towable from one location to another.

General Maintenance and Repair: For general tasks like painting, electrical work, or HVAC installation, various types of AWPs can be used depending on the height and accessibility of the area.

In each scenario, the choice of AWP is influenced by factors like the height required, the terrain of the construction site, the weight capacity needed for workers and materials, and the ability to navigate around obstacles. The construction industry often employs a range of AWPs to meet these diverse requirements.

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