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Facility Management

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In the facility management industry, HERED provides various types of facility management  lifts, including scissor lifts and boom lifts suitable for the facility management industry.

In facility management, aerial work platforms (AWPs) are utilized for a range of maintenance, repair, and installation tasks. The specific types of AWPs used depend on the nature of the work, the environment, and the access requirements:

Aerial Work Platforms For Facility Management

Indoor Maintenance and Repairs: For indoor maintenance tasks such as changing light bulbs, repairing HVAC systems, or painting, electric scissor lifts are commonly used. They are preferred for indoor use because they are quiet and do not emit fumes. Their vertical lift capability is ideal for reaching ceilings and high walls in facilities like malls, hospitals, or office buildings.

Exterior Building Maintenance: For tasks involving the exterior of buildings, such as window cleaning, façade repairs, or painting, articulating boom lifts are often chosen. Their ability to bend and maneuver around obstacles allows workers to safely reach different parts of a building's exterior.

High-Rise Facilities: In high-rise buildings, telescopic boom lifts are used for their extended reach, allowing access to higher floors from the ground level. They are essential for tasks like exterior glass cleaning or maintenance work on the outer façade.

Landscaping and Grounds Keeping: In large facility complexes with landscaping needs, compact utility loaders or small articulated loaders might be used for tasks like planting trees, managing soil, or other landscaping activities.

Narrow Access Areas: Vertical mast lifts are ideal for facilities with narrow corridors or confined spaces, such as warehouses, libraries, or museums. Their compact size allows them to fit in tight areas while providing the necessary reach for overhead work.

Installation Tasks: For installing fixtures, signs, or equipment in facilities, personal portable lifts are often used. They are easy to maneuver and can be quickly positioned in different locations for short-duration tasks.

Outdoor Maintenance on Rough Terrain: For outdoor maintenance tasks in facilities with uneven ground, such as university campuses or industrial complexes, rough terrain scissor lifts or boom lifts are used. These AWPs are designed to navigate and operate safely on uneven surfaces.

Emergency Repairs and Inspections: For urgent repair needs or inspections, especially after events like storms or other incidents, AWPs such as bucket trucks or quick-deploy scissor lifts can be used for rapid response.

In each of these scenarios, the choice of AWP in facility management is influenced by factors like the height and reach required, the indoor or outdoor environment, the need for maneuverability in confined spaces, and the terrain of the area. Safety, efficiency, and minimal disruption to facility operations are key considerations in selecting the appropriate AWP for each task.

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