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Manufacturing and Warehousing

Application Description

In the manufacturing and warehousing industry, HERED provides various types of manufacturing and warehousing lifts, including scissor lifts and boom lifts suitable for the manufacturing and warehousing industry.

In the manufacturing and warehousing industries, aerial work platforms (AWPs) are utilized for various tasks, ranging from inventory management to equipment maintenance. The specific types of AWPs used are selected based on the nature of the work, space constraints, and safety considerations:

Aerial Work Platforms For Manufacturing and Warehousing

Inventory Management and Stacking: Electric scissor lifts are commonly used in warehousing for inventory management. They provide a stable platform for workers to reach high shelves and racks. Their vertical lift capability is ideal for stacking and retrieving goods, especially in high bay warehouses.

Maintenance and Repair in Manufacturing Facilities: In manufacturing plants, maintenance of machinery and equipment often requires access to high areas. Articulating boom lifts are suitable for these tasks as they can navigate around obstacles and reach over machinery to access hard-to-reach areas.

Tight Spaces and Narrow Aisles: Vertical mast lifts are ideal for narrow aisles in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. They have a small footprint and excellent maneuverability, making them suitable for navigating tight spaces.

Indoor Operations: For indoor operations, where ventilation is a concern, electric-powered AWPs like electric scissor lifts and vertical mast lifts are preferred. They emit no fumes and operate quietly, making them suitable for indoor environments.

Loading and Unloading Operations: For tasks involving the loading and unloading of goods, especially at heights, small to medium-sized scissor lifts can be effective. They provide a stable platform for handling materials at various heights.

Overhead Work: For overhead tasks such as installing lighting, electrical work, or general maintenance, compact boom lifts can be used. Their extendable arms provide the necessary reach, and their smaller size allows for maneuverability in crowded plant floors.

Outdoor Work in Manufacturing Sites: For outdoor tasks in manufacturing areas, such as maintenance of external structures or equipment, rough terrain scissor lifts or boom lifts are used. These are equipped to handle uneven outdoor surfaces and provide stable platforms for workers.

Each type of AWP used in these industries is chosen for its ability to safely and efficiently perform tasks at height, considering the specific requirements of the manufacturing and warehousing environments, such as space limitations, indoor air quality, and the need for maneuverability.

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