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In the mining industry, HERED provides various types of mining lifts, including scissor lifts and boom lifts suitable for the mining industry.

In the mining industry, aerial work platforms (AWPs) are used for a range of tasks that require access to high or difficult-to-reach areas. The rugged nature of mining environments demands AWPs that are durable and can handle rough terrain. Here are some specific scenarios and the types of AWPs used:

Mining Aerial Work Platforms

Maintenance of Heavy Equipment: Telescopic boom lifts are used for the maintenance and repair of large mining machinery such as excavators, dump trucks, and conveyors. Their extended reach and height capability are essential for accessing high and large components.

Mine Infrastructure Work: Articulating boom lifts are employed for construction and maintenance work on mine infrastructure, including processing plants, headframes, and other elevated structures. Their ability to maneuver around obstacles and their flexibility make them ideal for the complex layouts often found in mining operations.

Inspection and Surveying: Vertical mast lifts are used for inspection and surveying tasks within mines, especially in underground operations where space can be limited. These lifts provide vertical lift in a compact footprint.

Installation Tasks: For tasks like installing ventilation ducts or electrical lines in mines, both scissor lifts and articulating boom lifts are used. Scissor lifts provide a stable platform for work at lower heights, while articulating boom lifts can reach over and around obstructions.

Emergency and Rescue Operations: In some cases, AWPs can be used for emergency access and rescue operations within mines, particularly in open-pit mining where they can quickly transport personnel to and from different levels.

Lighting Installation and Maintenance: Mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs), including push-around lifts or smaller drivable units, are often used for installing and maintaining lighting in mining areas.

For each of these scenarios, the AWP must be capable of handling the environmental conditions present in mining operations, which may include dust, debris, and uneven ground. Therefore, many AWPs used in mining are built with features like four-wheel drive, heavy-duty tires, and enhanced stability controls. Safety features such as fall protection, overloading sensors, and emergency descent mechanisms are also crucial due to the high-risk nature of the mining environment.

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