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Telecommunications and Utility

Application Description

In the telecommunications and utility industry, HERED provides various types of telecommunications and utility lifts, including scissor lifts and boom lifts suitable for the telecommunications and utility industry.

In the telecommunications and utility industries, aerial work platforms (AWPs) are crucial for a variety of tasks. The specific types of AWPs used are chosen based on the nature of the work, safety requirements, and the environment:

Aerial Work Platforms For Telecommunications and Utility

Installation and Maintenance of Utility Poles and Lines: Insulated bucket trucks, also known as cherry pickers, are commonly used. These vehicles have an insulated aerial platform attached to a hydraulic boom, which is essential for protecting workers from electrical hazards when working near power lines. The bucket allows workers to safely reach high places and perform tasks such as installing, repairing, or maintaining electrical lines or telecommunications cables.

Urban and Residential Areas: In urban settings or residential areas where space is limited, compact boom lifts are preferred. These lifts are smaller and more maneuverable, allowing workers to navigate tight spaces and crowded streets more easily. They're suitable for tasks like installing small cell technology for telecommunications or performing repairs on lower-height utility infrastructure.

Rural and Rough Terrain Locations: For work in rural areas or locations with uneven terrain, four-wheel drive boom lifts or truck-mounted boom lifts are often used. These AWPs provide the necessary stability and mobility on rough ground, making them ideal for accessing utility poles and telecommunication towers in less developed areas.

Indoor or Enclosed Spaces: Occasionally, telecommunications and utility work may need to be conducted indoors or in enclosed spaces, such as in large industrial facilities or data centers. In these scenarios, electric scissor lifts or vertical mast lifts are used due to their compact size, low noise, and zero emissions.

Emergency Repairs and Outage Management: During emergencies, such as after a storm or other disaster, bucket trucks and telescopic boom lifts are critical for quickly restoring services. They provide the reach and flexibility needed to repair damaged infrastructure swiftly.

Telecommunication Tower Work: For maintenance or installation work on taller telecommunication towers, larger telescopic or articulating boom lifts are used. These AWPs can reach significant heights and are equipped with features that ensure stability and safety for the workers.

In each of these scenarios, the AWPs must be equipped with safety features and controls appropriate for the specific challenges of the telecommunications and utility sectors, such as insulation against electrical hazards, stability on uneven ground, and maneuverability in tight spaces.

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