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Tree Care and Landscaping

Application Description

In the tree care and landscaping industry, HERED provides various types of tree care and landscaping lifts, including scissor lifts and boom lifts suitable for the tree care and landscaping industry.

In the tree care and landscaping industry, aerial work platforms (AWPs) are crucial for various tasks. The specific types of AWPs used are chosen based on the nature of the work, the terrain, and the height requirements:

Aerial Work Platforms For Tree Care and Landscaping

Tree Trimming and Pruning: Over-center bucket trucks (also known as cherry pickers) are commonly used for tree trimming and pruning. These trucks have a boom that can extend vertically and then bend over the center, allowing arborists to reach across and around tree branches. This feature is particularly useful for working in dense foliage or when the tree is surrounded by obstacles.

Tree Removal: For tree removal, especially in confined spaces or near power lines, insulated bucket trucks are often used. These provide the necessary safety features to protect workers from electrical hazards. In addition, compact tracked lifts are also used for tree removal in tight spaces or areas where minimal ground disturbance is important.

Landscaping in Hard-to-Reach Areas: Articulating boom lifts are suitable for landscaping tasks in hard-to-reach areas. Their flexible arms can maneuver around obstacles, making them ideal for tasks like trimming hedges or trees in complex landscapes.

General Tree Care and Maintenance: For general tree care and maintenance, telescopic boom lifts are used for their extended reach, allowing access to the higher portions of tall trees. They are essential for tasks such as canopy shaping, crown reduction, and dead-wooding.

Stump Grinding and Land Clearing: While not a traditional AWP, some specialized landscaping equipment like stump grinders or small loaders may be used in conjunction with AWPs for complete land clearing and tree care solutions.

Planting and Soil Management: For planting new trees or managing soil in elevated areas, smaller AWPs, such as scissor lifts or vertical mast lifts, can be used. These are particularly helpful in urban landscaping projects where space is limited.

Emergency Tree Services: In emergency situations, such as after storms, quick-deploy AWPs like bucket trucks are critical for rapid response. They are used to remove fallen branches, trim damaged trees, and clear hazards from roads and power lines.

In each scenario, the choice of AWP in the tree care and landscaping industry is influenced by factors like the height and reach required, the type of tree work, the need for maneuverability around obstacles, and the terrain of the work area. Safety for both the operators and the surrounding environment is a primary consideration.

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