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Why You Should Consider Diesel Boom Lifts

05. 20, 2024

Are you tackling a demanding worksite where stability on uneven terrain and heavy lifting capability are crucial? If so, a diesel boom lift is likely the ideal choice for your project. Diesel articulated boom lifts are robust and versatile machines designed to provide safe lifting operations, even in unstable conditions.


Here are several compelling reasons why you should consider diesel boom lifts for your upcoming project:


Benefits of Diesel Boom Lifts


At HERED, we recognize the importance of considering various factors when selecting a boom lift. These factors include:


- The type of terrain at the site.

- The weight of the loads to be lifted.

- The available space and maneuverability on-site.


Taking these factors into account, here are our top three benefits of utilizing a diesel-powered articulated boom lift:


Diesel Boom Lifts

Superior Performance:


Diesel telescopic boom lifts and articulated boom lifts offer precise up-and-over capabilities, providing excellent outreach performance. Most articulated boom lifts feature baskets that can fully rotate to access any work area. When you combine the lifting capacity of a boom lift with its up-and-over and outreach capabilities, you have a highly efficient and high-performance machine.


Excellence Durability


Diesel articulated boom lifts are rugged and have 4×4 capabilities to be able to be driven onto and work on any uneven or unstable construction or work site. The four-wheel drive operation has oscillating axels for rough terrain performance.


Unmatched Versatility


Diesel boom lifts excel in a variety of applications, making them ideal for both general construction projects and building maintenance tasks. Their versatility extends across various industries, from warehousing to construction, making them the perfect choice for heavy lifting requirements.


Capabilities of Diesel Boom Lifts


Working Heights:


Having a fleet with a range of working heights is essential because customers in the warehousing, construction, and industrial sectors have varying height requirements. Our fleet offers working heights ranging from 12 to 43 meters.


Horizontal Reach:


In addition to vertical height, horizontal reach is equally important. The horizontal reach of a boom lift indicates how far the boom can extend and work outward. Our fleet offers horizontal reaches ranging from 7 to 21 meters.

Up and over clearance is a crucial factor for many customers when choosing a boom lift. Boom lifts are designed to maneuver "up and over" obstacles or structures. Our fleet provides up and over clearances ranging from 4 to 23 meters.


The carrying capacity or platform capacity is another important feature of any boom lift. Customers often inquire about the weight a boom lift can safely carry, whether it's people or materials, at height. Our fleet offers platform capacities ranging from 220 to 300 kilograms.


Where to Buy Diesel Articulated Boom Lifts?


Interested in diesel boom lift hire options or looking to purchase one for sale? At HERED, we maintain an extensive inventory of elevated work platform machines capable of tackling any job. Whether you require scissor lifts or telescopic handlers, we offer a comprehensive range of elevated work platforms to suit your needs.


To learn more about our full range of work platforms and access machinery available for sale, contact HERED today.


Diesel Articulated Boom Lift FAQs


What are the advantages of diesel boom lifts?


Diesel boom lifts excel in outdoor environments and on uneven terrain due to their rugged, four-wheel drive capabilities. They offer exceptional up-and-over capabilities for heavy-duty lifting and are versatile for a variety of applications.


Where are diesel boom lifts used?


Diesel boom lifts are commonly utilized on construction sites outdoors, but they also find applications in warehousing and manufacturing settings.


Why should you consider diesel-powered boom lifts?


If you require a boom lift that can operate effectively in rugged terrain while providing robust lifting capabilities, a diesel boom lift is an excellent choice.


Are diesel-powered boom lifts stronger than petrol boom lifts?


Not necessarily. While diesel boom lifts offer strong performance, they do emit emissions and are not noise-free like some electric alternatives. Therefore, they are best suited for outdoor use.

Diesel Boom Lifts