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Scissor Lift Sizes: How To Choose the Right Height

04. 11, 2024

Scissor Lift Ranges


You have the option to buy multiple scissor lifts in various sizes, each offering different platform heights.


19-Foot Scissor Lift:

This compact scissor lift is highly maneuverable, making it ideal for tight spaces and indoor environments. Powered by electricity, it emits no harmful fumes indoors, making it perfect for indoor construction and maintenance tasks.


26-Foot Scissor Lift:

Capable of handling tasks such as hanging signs or trimming trees, the 26-foot lift features a wider work platform compared to the 19-foot model. This allows it to accommodate more workers and materials, making it suitable for a range of construction and industrial projects. Its four-wheel-drive design enables it to navigate rough terrain, including slopes and inclines, making it well-suited for off-road and landscaping work. Refer to the spec sheet to check lift gradeability and determine the appropriate machine for your needs.


Additionally, the 26-foot lift is available in a narrow-width electric model suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


32-Foot Scissor Lift:

Similar to the 26-foot lift, the 32-foot scissor lift is available in both four-wheel drive and narrow electric models. This versatile lift is suitable for various industrial, construction, and maintenance tasks. Featuring interlocking bar-style struts, the 32-foot lift offers enhanced stability over prolonged use, providing workers with safe and direct vertical access to elevated work areas.


40-Foot Scissor Lift:

The 40-foot scissor lift is offered in three configurations: a four-wheel-drive model, as well as narrow and wide electric models. Designed to accommodate multiple workers, this lift is ideal for outdoor industrial, construction, and maintenance applications where high elevation access is required.


The narrow electric model is well-suited for interior work such as wall and ceiling maintenance at elevated heights. Meanwhile, the wide electric model can accommodate additional workers, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects such as mural work, bricklaying, ceiling installations, and light fixture maintenance.


50-Foot Scissor Lift:

Ideal for extensive tasks demanding maximum lift height, the 50-foot scissor lift is best suited for outdoor work environments. With its spacious platform, it can comfortably accommodate multiple workers and lift heavy loads. Its four-wheel drive capability ensures smooth navigation over rough and uneven terrain, making it a reliable choice for outdoor projects.


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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Scissor Lift


When selecting a scissor lift, it's crucial to take into account the specific requirements of your jobs and worksites. This consideration enables you to pinpoint the exact features you need in a lift, including the required height, power source preference (electric or dual-fuel), and the necessity of a four-wheel-drive capability. Before buying a scissor lift, carefully evaluate these factors in relation to your project's needs.


Working Height:

When selecting a scissor lift, it's essential to consider the minimum and maximum work height requirements for your job. With a range of heights available, you can find a scissor lift that provides the necessary vertical reach. If multiple options meet your height requirements, consider other factors to further refine your choices.


Platform Width:

Platform size is another critical factor to consider. While standard sizes are available, you also have the option to extend the platform. However, larger isn't always better. Extending the platform changes the center of gravity, impacting the lift's overall performance. Ensure you adjust your lift calculations to accommodate this change, as an unbalanced load can lead to issues.


Type of Environment:

Take into account the specific work environment for your job. Your location dictates whether you require an emission-free electric lift for indoor tasks, a four-wheel-drive model for rough terrain, or a narrow lift to access tight spaces on busy worksites.


Type of Work Task:

Understanding the tasks involved in your project and the materials you'll be handling helps determine the appropriate lift. For maneuvering through compact areas, a narrower or smaller lift may be necessary. If overhead repairs are required, a lift with increased height capability may be essential. Consider the stability of your load, the materials involved, and the load's center of gravity, as these factors influence your lift selection.


Load Capacity:

It's not just about the weight of the load; you also need to consider the number of workers who will be on the platform. For tasks requiring multiple workers or heavier materials, opt for a lift with an elevating work platform that offers ample space and maximum stability.


Types of Scissor Lifts:

When choosing scissor lifts for various jobs, it's important to note not only the different types available but also their varying power sources, which significantly impact their functionality and suitable environments.


Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts:

Four-wheel-drive scissor lifts excel in rugged terrains and heavy-duty tasks. Powered by diesel or dual-fuel engines, these lifts are ideal for outdoor use, providing ample horsepower to navigate uneven surfaces and carry heavy loads safely.


Electric Scissor Lifts:

Electric scissor lifts are ideal for indoor applications due to their emission-free operation and low noise levels. Their quiet operation is particularly advantageous in confined spaces, where noise can be disruptive. Additionally, electric lifts have a compact footprint, making them well-suited for tight work areas.

Closing Thoughts

Choosing the right scissor lift size is crucial for ensuring safe and efficient access to elevated work areas. By considering factors such as work area height, overhead clearance, platform capacity, terrain, and environment, you can select a scissor lift that meets your specific needs and requirements.

For expert advice on choosing the right scissor lift size for your project or to explore options from reputable suppliers, feel free to contact us. We're here to help you find the perfect solution for your elevated work requirements.

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