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In the retail industry, HERED provides various types of retail lifts, including scissor lifts and boom lifts suitable for the retail industry.

In the retail industry, especially in large warehouse-style stores or distribution centers, aerial work platforms (AWPs) are used for various tasks. The selection of AWPs is influenced by the need for maneuverability, space constraints, and the height of shelves or storage racks. Here are the specific usage scenarios and the types of AWPs typically used:

Aerial Work Platforms For Retail

Stocking and Restocking Shelves: Scissor lifts are commonly used for stocking and restocking shelves, especially in stores with high shelving units. They provide a stable platform for workers to safely reach products stored at various heights. Compact models are preferred for navigating narrow aisles.

Inventory Management: For inventory management tasks, vertical mast lifts are often utilized. Their small footprint and excellent maneuverability make them ideal for tight spaces found in retail environments. They allow workers to reach high shelves and perform stock counts or rearrangements.

Maintenance and Cleaning: In retail settings, maintenance tasks such as changing light bulbs, cleaning high windows, or performing ceiling repairs require the use of AWPs. Articulating boom lifts are suitable for these tasks as they can maneuver around obstacles like shelving, displays, or checkout counters.

Signage Installation and Decoration: For installing signage, promotional materials, or seasonal decorations, both scissor lifts and boom lifts can be used. The choice depends on the height of the ceilings and the layout of the store. Boom lifts offer greater reach and flexibility, which is beneficial for complex installations.

Facility Renovations and Upgrades: During renovations or upgrades of retail spaces, various types of AWPs might be employed. For example, larger scissor lifts can be used for tasks that require a more extensive work platform, such as installing or upgrading lighting systems or HVAC components.

Outdoor Maintenance: For stores with outdoor areas, such as garden centers or parking lot maintenance, rough terrain scissor lifts or boom lifts might be used. These are designed to safely navigate uneven outdoor surfaces.

Compact Spaces and Quick Tasks: For smaller tasks or in particularly compact spaces, push-around vertical mast lifts or personal portable lifts are useful. They are easy to maneuver and can be quickly positioned for tasks like changing signage or light maintenance.

In retail environments, safety, minimal disruption to customers, and the ability to navigate in confined spaces are key considerations when selecting the appropriate type of AWP for the task at hand.

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