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What Are Scissor Lifts Usually Used For?

02. 22, 2022

If scissor lifts are on your watch list but you want to learn more about them first, we've got you covered. Everything you need to know about scissor lifts, including the popular jobs they're suited for and how to be safe when using them. After reading this article, you'll have all the knowledge you need to make the right decision.


What is a scissor lift?

A scissor lift is a popular model of aerial platform lift used for indoor work such as ceiling construction, sign hanging, and other maintenance projects. With large platforms that accommodate people and materials, scissor lifts are popular for manufacturing and industrial projects. They provide a safe and secure environment for workers to complete projects involving height. Using criss-cross brackets, scissor lifts are able to move vertically. This compressed and extended X-mode is also known as a pantograph.


Scissor Lifts for Rough Terrain

Scissor Lifts For Rough Terrain

What really makes a scissor lift a valuable tool is that it can be extended upward and then folded down small enough for storage, a value that makes it a true competitor to traditional ladders. Scissor lifts are powered by either an electric or diesel engine. Electric engines are better suited for indoor use because they don't require the same level of ventilation as gas engines, and indoor work is usually less intense, which means the batteries will also last longer. Regardless of the project or height, scissor lifts are a great tool for getting workers to work safely at heights.


Common uses for scissor lifts

Scissor lifts are better suited for certain jobs than moving boom lifts or any other type of aerial work platform. Scissor lifts are lightweight and easy to move, making them ideal for indoor projects, especially if the project only requires moving up and down. Scissor lifts are capable of working outdoors on uneven or sloping terrain. Rough terrain scissor lifts are specifically designed to work on rough terrain in order to safely lift workers and materials in ways that ladders cannot.

Rough Terrain Scissor Lift

 Rough Terrain Scissor Lift

Popular jobs for scissor lifts

Indoor maintenance where ceilings are high.

IE in schools, hospitals, libraries, etc.  

Warehouse organization, management, and general maintenance where safe access to high shelves is required

Sign maintenance where larger platforms are needed to ensure safe work

Working on sloping land or uneven terrain

Working in tight outdoor spaces that require up and down lifting movements


Selecting the right scissor lift for the job

The requirements of the project will determine the type and height of the scissor lift that is most suitable. Electric motors are more suitable for indoor projects, while diesel engine scissor lifts will be able to provide the power needed to move the machine around the site.

Scissor lifts can also be used as "rough terrain" lifts, which can operate on slopes and uneven soils. Knowing the nature of the job site when the lift is used or the nature of the future will help in choosing "which scissor lift is best". Be sure to ask all these questions and plan properly to ensure you get the best equipment for the job!

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Scissor Lift Manufacturers

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